Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Norland College receives first ever National Student Survey results

We’re pleased to announce the results of Norland College’s first ever National Student Survey (NSS). 

The NSS, which has been running since 2005, is a UK-wide survey of students in the final year of an undergraduate course, though this is the first time Norland College has participated. The survey gives students the opportunity to provide public feedback about the institution and their course. 95% of our final year students took part in the survey.

95% of our eligible students
The results are extremely positive, as expected, and we welcome the news that Norland has achieved an above sector average score of 90% for overall satisfaction. What shines through really clearly is the recognition of strong career opportunities for Norland graduates – with 100% of participants agreeing with the following statement, of which 94% ‘definitely agreed’: “As a result of my course, I believe that I have improved my career prospects.”

The employability of Norlanders is enhanced not only through work placements, which prepare our students for employment, but also through the practical skills gained throughout their time at Norland. The prestigious Norland Diploma runs alongside the degree course and gives our students the opportunity to put theory into practice and gain real-world experience with children. Alongside Norland’s heritage and tradition, the Norland Diploma is part of what distinguishes Norlanders from other Early Years graduates – and makes them highly sought after. That’s why Norland graduates command an average starting salary of £26,000 with huge potential and demand for their services consistently greater than the number of nannies available to place.

Dr Janet Rose became
Norland Principal on 18 June 2016
Dr Janet Rose, Norland Principal, commented: “We strive to offer best-in-class Early Years education to our students and to strengthen their career prospects upon graduating with regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses and the best possible representation through our very own dedicated Norland Agency. Norland College is renowned for its heritage and tradition, and we’re using those solid foundations from which to build a positive, prosperous future for our students.”

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