Monday, 22 December 2014

Charity Events at Norland

It has been a very busy semester for the Norland Charity Committee!
This semester Norland students have chosen to support a whole range of charities including local, national and international.

Breast Cancer Awareness #WearItPinkDay

On Thursday 16th October students traded their brown uniforms for something pink in support of #WearItPinkDay! 

In teaching groups students put on their best pink themed fancy dress including pyjamas, onsies and even some pink ladies. There was a prize of pink bubbly for the best dressed group and each of the students donated £2 to support Breast Cancer Care.


Great Bath Bake Sale 2014
Students tested their baking skills in October by supporting the Great Bath Bake Sale at Bath Abbey. This was in aid of 3 local causes, Bath Abbey’s Footprint project, BathFoodCylcle and FareShare
Students, supported by their Norland Food and Nutrition Lecturer Sofie Aldiss, baked lots of home made treats to sell at their stall on Saturday 18th October. The event was a fantastic success and raised over £2,000!


Samaritans Shoe Boxes

Set 37 decided to support Samaritan Purse by doing OperationChristmas Child, creating and filling shoe boxes which then get delivered to children in Third World Countries during the Christmas period. Staff and students managed to fill 10 shoe boxes between them!
Children in Need

In November the students supported Children in Need by raffling off a Norland bear, made by one of the students parents, and selling home made Pudsey badges, made by one of the students. 

The Norland bear was in high demand and in total the students raised over £113 for Children in Need.  

Genesis Trust #SouperNovember 

On the 20th November the students supported #SouperNovember by selling home made soup in the common room for staff and students. This was to raise money for the Genesis Trust who support vulnerable people in Bath to overcome poverty and hardship. The home made soup managed to raise  £80 for this fantastic local cause.

Jeans for Genes 

On the 4th December staff and students took place in their very own Jeans for Genes day in support of
Genetic Disorders UK who aim to change the world for children with these genetic disorders. Everyone paid £1 to wear their jeans and there was also a cake sale to help raise funds.

Save the Children - Christmas Jumpers

Finally, on the 11th December students took part in Save the Children's #ChristmasJumperDay. Again uniforms were swapped for festive wears and students donated £1 to support the charity. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Norland trains 1,000th ‘Flying Nanny’!

This week, Norland’s Early Year’s Consultant, and Nursery World Trainer of the Year 2014, Claire Burgess, is in Abu Dhabi training our 1,000th Flying Nanny for Etihad Airways! 

Since June 2013 Norland has been training Etihad Airways cabin crew as Flying Nannies who support families whilst on long haul flights. Etihad recognised that more and more families are now travelling all over the world and that travelling with small children can be challenging. Their “Flying Nannies” aid those families and, in turn, make the flying experience more enjoyable for all of their passengers. The airline contacted Norland to support them in delivering this training and we developed a bespoke training programme specifically for them. 

The training Norland delivers for Etihad includes exploring the travelling experience from the perspective of children of different ages, looking at how the on board cabin crew, with some additional tricks up their sleeve, can support this.
One area that we cover is looking at child behaviours – why might a baby cry, why might a toddler want to run around the cabin and how to engage older children once the excitement of flying has worn off and boredom has set in.  When cabin crew have an understanding of why children do what they do, they are able to support them and their families much more effectively.

Photo, left to right: Claire Burgess, Norland Early Years Consultant; Elpida Tsatsaronis, Etihad's 1,000th Flying Nanny from USA; Aubrey Tiedt, Vice President Guest Services, Etihad Airways.

The feedback that we receive following the training has been wonderful; here are just some examples of a comments we have received:

“I now have a clearer view on child psychology and a better perspective.  I am glad I opted for this training because it has changed my mindset.”

"A lot of useful and informative tips and stories and a lot of physical activities to take part in." 

"Thank you, I found Claire amazing, very inspiring."

Etihad are just one of Norland’s training and consultancy clients, to read more about our training and consultancy have a look here on our website.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

How to make up a Carriage Pram

Tamzin, Meghan, Jenny, Danielle, Meg and Gemma, Norland second year students #Set37, have been perfecting their pram making up skills on our new Silver Cross Balmoral pram. They took some time out in the Norland garden to share this 'how to' 10 step plan.

Jenny and Tamzin
Step 1
Lower the hood and remove the apron and harness.

Step 2
Using a freshly laundered flat sheet, place the sheet on the mattress, folding the sheet neatly under the mattress, long sides first. Make sure the sheet is flat and wrinkle free to ensure comfort for the baby.
Step 3
Take a muslin cloth, fold it in half and place it on top of the sheet at the head of the pram. Make sure the seams of the muslin are at the top (again to ensure comfort for baby).
Secure by folding under the mattress.

Meghan and Gemma
Step 4
Place the top sheet over the pram with the seam at the upper most. Place a blanket over the top allowing for the sheet to fold over the top of the blanket.
Fold the top of the sheet over the blanket.

Step 5
Tuck in one long side of the sheet and blanket under the mattress.

Step 6
Fold the bottom end over the blanket and roll the blanket and sheet to one side ready for tucking in a baby.

Step 7
Re-attach the harness, ensuring the buckles are on top for ease of strapping up to harness and making it more comfortable for baby to lie on. 

Meg and Danielle
Step 8
Place the baby on top of the straps and do up the harness, adjusting the straps as necessary.

Step 9
Roll the blanket over baby and tuck in at the bottom and other side. 

Step 10 
Replace the hood and apron and you're ready to go! 


Thanks ladies!! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

How to apply to Norland

So you’ve seen the ITV documentary, Britain’s Poshest Nannies, and decided that Norland is right career path for you, the question is what’s next!? 
From 9 September, Norland will start to accept applications for students wanting to start at Norland in September 2015. 

Applications to Norland are submitted through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) who process over 2.5 million applications every year for more than 340 UK universities and colleges. UCAS will process your application and send it through to us once it is completed by you and your referees. If you are interested in applying for entry in September 2015 you can start filling in your online UCAS form now! 

You can submit your application from 9 September, but don't panic you have until the 15 January to get this to us at Norland. This is the first of the UCAS deadlines but it is the one you should be aiming for. Remember your application will only be submitted to us once your references have filled in their sections as well. All applications received by this date will have fair consideration, applications received after this date will only be interviewed and offered subject to places still being available.  
If you are at college or sixth form they will support your with your UCAS application. 

Writing your Personal Statement

Once you’ve started your UCAS form and get to the personal statement section. You might wonder; what is Norland looking for in the personal statement? Here are some ideas of the types of things we look for:
  • Passion for childcare – use your personal statement to tell us why you want to work with children. What do you love about it? 
  • Experience with children – tell us what experience you have had and how this has helped you choose this as a career.
We will review your personal statement along with the rest of your application and, if we think you might have the dedication required to become a Norland Nanny, we will invite you along to an interview at the college.

The Interview

You will receive your invitation to interview via UCAS. The interview day is not only a chance for us to get to know you but also your opportunity to ask questions about the training and expectations of Norland. The interview process takes the majority of a day and consists of:
  • One to one interview
  • Presentation to peers on a topic given to you 2 weeks prior to your interview date
  • Written exercise
Once you have been interviewed we will write to you to let you know if you have been successful or not. If you have applied by 15 January, we will let you know by 24 March 2015. Later applications will be considered once these offers have been made and if there are still spaces available on the course.  
If you are offered a place you will receive an offer pack which includes the type of offer, Conditional (subject to grades) or Unconditional; a bursary application form; an accommodation form; a student enrolment and a registration form. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start your application to Norland today  UCAS course code L521.