Friday, 15 July 2016

Norland appalled by Andrea Leadsom male nanny comments

"Norland is absolutely appalled by the comments made by Andrea Leadsom about employing male Nannies.

Norland supports and encourages initiatives to increase the numbers of men in the childcare sector and welcomes male applicants.  We recognise the benefits to children of having both male and female role models. Men can bring a wealth of different experiences and attributes to the role and with the changing family dynamics we see in society today, male nannies can provide a consistent male role model within the family home. As a society, we strive for equality; someone in public office making such a statement erodes the efforts of many to achieve this. A career working with children is rewarding and challenging and men should not be discouraged from making such a choice; families should choose a Nanny who is the best fit for their family, regardless of gender.

Norland supports raising standards in home childcare by supporting campaigns such as Regulation Matters, which calls for all Nannies to be qualified and DBS checked. This sort of action, together with the kind of high quality training and support that Norland provides, is how we safeguard children within the home, not through prejudiced, discriminatory and outdated statements such as these."