Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Behind the scenes - BBC filming

On Friday 22 February we had a visit from Jon Kay, BBC correspondent, who was making a short piece about the 21st Century Nanny training we get at Norland College. 

Jon and his camera man Tim (the one with the camera!) came along to a self defence session we were having with our instructor Andy (in the black t-shirt).  
We get two self defence sessions during our training at Norland, one when we start which focuses on our personal safety whilst living away from home and one just before we finish which gets us to think about the safety of the children that we will be caring for as well as our personal safety. 

Over lunch time we mocked up a few shots for the camera. Here we were re-creating some of the classic shots of Norland Nannies pushing prams (we were trying to get every detail an exact replica)

and this one compared to a historic picture of Norland students

Then Jon and Tim joined us at a skid pan training session we were doing. In this photo we had just arrived and were hearing about what we would be up to during the session, while Tim set up for our close ups!

 Tim took his life in his own hands trying to get a great shot while we were learning to control a car in icy and slippery conditions. It was great fun but we also learnt so much; invaluable skills when transporting such precious cargo in winter weather.
And here are some pics of the finished piece that went out live on  BBC Breakfast on Wednesday 27 February!

This one shows Claire Burgess one of our lecturers with her pink coat that she was told "is great for TV"! 


And a link to the finished piece (in case you missed it)