Thursday, 10 July 2014

Behind the scenes of "Britain's Poshest Nannies"

Ever wondered what it's like making documentary? 

Filming at the Ball
A 1 hour documentary about the training at Norland has been produced by the production company Mentorn Media for ITV and will be aired on Thursday 17 July at 9pm. Here we share with you what it was like behind the scenes of the filming!

Mentorn Media started filming at Norland back in February and spent the last few months of training with Set 36. They followed them through classes, assessments, presentations and employment training. They got to know some of them at home with their families, went to their end of training ball and shared a few tears with them on the last day of term. All in all over their 4 months at Norland they got to experience what life as a Norland student is really like.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being filmed and having their final few months so well documented.

Getting around London

"I was really nervous, especially at the beginning, about the cameras watching everything we do, but after a while you kind of forget that they are there, especially when you're busy (like we are most of the time at Norland!)

The film crew were really nice and made me feel at ease when they were filming us which made it more enjoyable. They also seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing. Over the couple of months they were with us we really got to know the film crew and it was really quite sad to say goodbye. 

We had lots of fun and a really good laugh during the filming, as well as some amazing experiences like our trip on the London Eye. Being filmed has been extremely exciting and SO much fun - I can't wait to see the final thing!!!"   

On the London Eye

Iain being interviewed

“I loved the whole experience. Having our last year at Norland documented has made me really appreciate the whole experience; with it all being filmed we will always be able to look back on our time at college. The film crew have fitted in so well with everyone and really respected everything we do and us as students!

By the end of the filming the students were feeling so comfortable and confident with the film crew that they decided to turn the tables and perform their own ‘on camera’ interview with the Director Iain!”

A quick Set 36 selfie at Diploma Day


"Filming with the film crew was amazing, they became good friends. I was very upset to say good bye to them at the end. I got so used to the cameras that I didn't really notice them towards the end."


"The film crew were all lovely they were genuinely interested and not intrusive, which made such a difference. So many funny memories were made, especially with Phil (cameraman) walking backwards everywhere and then falling over sign posts! 

All in all it was a fab experience and I feel so lucky to have been able to take part. I can't wait to see the programme!"

Rosie and Alice in London

"I feel like I can speak for all the girls when I say we really enjoyed the filming, the crew were all LOVELY!"

All of the students were sad to say goodbye to each other and the crew on the final day of term.

None of them have seen the final piece and are really looking forward to tuning into ITV at 9pm on Thursday 17 July.
The final day of filming on the last day of term