Friday, 24 April 2015

The week of 61 fruit cakes!

This week in the Norland Diploma Food and Nutrition unit, Set 37 have been taking part in the Norland Bake Off. Each of the 61 students were tasked with making and decorating a fruit cake, from scratch, to be judged as part of the Bake Off style competition.

Paul and Mary were replaced by Norland’s Food and Nutrition lecturer, Sofie Aldiss, and a different guest judge for each of the 4 sessions. Guest judges were Principal, Liz Hunt; Vice Principal, Mandy Donaldson; Lecturer, Elizabeth Kerry and Placement Officer Sarah Dray.

The cakes were decorated in a variety of spring and Easter styles and were judged on their taste, texture and standard of decoration.

Winners were picked from each of the sessions giving 4 finalists. The overall winner, given the proud accolade of being this week’s star baker was Beth. Well done Beth!  

The 3 finalists, Gabriella, Tamzin and Poppy: 
* Star baker - Beth *
These essential nanny skills in cake baking will be used by the students when working with children to make celebration cakes, or when just have some fun baking and decorating bakes with their charges.  

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