Thursday, 7 December 2017

9 top tips for a stress free family Christmas

Claire Burgess, Head of Research, Consultancy & Training
Twitter: @belles28

Katie Crouch, Early Years Consultant
Twitter: @crunchiekatie

Christmas Day is the one day of the year which can be the most exciting day but also one of the most stressful. We all want the festive period to be one of fun, happiness and just like we see in the movies… however it doesn’t always turn out that way! In the same way that we are writing lists to make sure that we don’t forget anything and to help us to be fully prepared, we need to think about how we are preparing our children. We often think that children will just accept the changes and surprises (which can actually translate into shock for children) that the festive period can bring, but, very often, it can have the opposite effect to what we had planned.