Thursday, 31 October 2013

Emma - A day in the life of a village Norland Nanny

The best part of my job is knowing that I am helping to give the best start in life to this little person, not forgetting the smiles and kisses I get everyday!

About me 

I graduated Norland in May 2011 and can't believe how fast the time is passing! I have been working as a nanny for just over 3 years now and I'm so glad I decided to choose this as my career. 

I am currently working just outside of my home town, Henley On Thames, in a small village as a daily, sole charge nanny looking after a 17 month old little boy. My working hours are from 8am - 6pm, four days a week. I am very lucky to be working 4 days a week, I find it to be a great balance of my work and social life!

Our day

I arrive just before 8am to find the house buzzing and the sound of the little boys feet, pitter pattering around, playing with his toys. The mornings are spent having breakfast, (porridge and home grown raspberries, being the ultimate favorite) and preparing for the day ahead.

Freshly picked raspberries from the garden!
Once breakfast is over and cleared away, time to get dressed and head out. The mornings are usually spent at local play/toddler groups, forest school, at friends houses, the park, local museum or swimming. The favorite toy at the moment is tractors, so one of the many we have, usually tags along with us!! 
Usually we head home for lunch but if we happen to be out around then, as a small treat which we love to do, we eat at one of the cafes in town. 
It's then home/nap time and my time to sit down and write the morning activities in the nanny diary. I also do a bit of cooking/baking/making of apple crumbles and pies while he sleeps.

Home made apple pie - yum!!

After nap time, we usually spend the afternoons at home playing, doing arts and crafts, out in the garden, out for walks with friends, or playing on the green in the village. Its then tea time and I finish at 6pm. 

Toasting bread at Forest School

Painting an 'Autumn' picture
On a walk by the river with our friend's dog
In the evenings, I like to go to the gym at least once a week, but it doesn't always happen!! I also have hockey practice on a Thursday evening and like to go out for a meal with other nannies I know. Of course there are many evenings where I get home, shower and flop in front of the television.  

If you are thinking about becoming a nanny I would say that I think it's the best decision you will make. Yes, it's challenging and at times hard work, but at the same time it is so rewarding. I absolutely love working with children, always have done, and I would 100% recommend Norland if that's the career path you want to take.