Monday, 19 May 2014

Set 36 Display Day

Thursday 15 May was Set 36’s Display Day at the Bath Assembly Rooms. 

This is a Norland tradition where the second year students display all of the creative work they have completed throughout their training. The displays were presented in the beautiful Ball Room and the presentation of awards was held in the Tea Room.
Here are some of the displays of students’ work: 

This year the awards were sponsored by Mothercare, Cuddledry and The Golden Cot.  The winner of the award for ‘most artistic display’ went to Lauren for her ‘The Enchanted Forest’ display.

Following the presentation of the awards the Norland College signing group, introduced by Geraldine,  demonstrated their signing skills by signing along to John Lennon's ‘Imagine’. 

Choir Master Grenville Jones then led the Norland Choir for three songs, Shoshone Love Song, Baba Yetu in Swahili and Happy (an uplifting finale). It was an emotional end to the presentation of awards with a few tears shed.

The students now only have 1 week left at college before they start applying for their first positions working as Nannies in the UK. These students will be the last year to complete the Norland Probationary Year, a year long nanny post that needs to be successfully completed before the students will qualify as Norland Nannies.