Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Behind the scenes of a thoroughly modern Poppins shoot!

You may have seen some of the press coverage about the new Norland uniform; well here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Poppins themed photoshoot in Bath.

Friday 30 November was an exciting day with an early start! At 8am 8 of Set 37 (first year students) and 3 of Set 36 (second years) met up at Thereme Bath Spa to start the day with a rooftop shoot by the pool, complete with umbrella! Charlotte from the Spa showed us up to the roof with the beautiful views of Bath Abbey where David from SWNS captured some of the stunning shots you may have seen. The pool looked so warm and tempting but we all managed to stay high and dry on the sides with the promise to return for a dip at a later date. 
Set 37 being briefed by Highlight PR and Charlotte from Theremae Bath Spa
New practical and formal uniform
Old and new uniform!
David capturing Millie Cope in a perfectly Poppins pose!
After the spa we headed down the street to where over half of the first year students turned up for a ride on the Bath vintage Carousel. Students caught the eye of quite a few tourists as they whizzed round - a vision in brown.
David, assisted by Alison, capturing the moment for the SWNS 'B roll'. 
 Then we headed off for a few more photos in the iconic streets of Bath (Great Pulteney Street), assisted by Amilia (in pink) and Victor (the crocodile).

L to R Victor, Amilia, Sarah and David
Old and new - Lauren, Lydia, Ellis and Sarah (and David's back)
 Finally after a whistle stop tour of Bath and some fantastic shots it was time to head to The Little Theatre for a private preview screening of the Saving Mr Banks film, courtesy of Disney. Before going in we just had time for some filming with ITV and a couple of photos.
Set 37 outside the Theatre - with umbrella of course
Some final shots before the film....
....and it begins!!! 
From the opening music we were all entranced and by the end we were all in tears!

"The film was fantastic... It took us back to childhood memories of Mary Poppins. Highly recommended just remember your tissues!" Poppy Godwin (Set 37)

Finally on our way out we were each given a copy of the book Mary Poppins Comes Back, courtesy of Disney. A great end to a fun day. 

Overall Friday 30th was a practically perfect day to launch our new uniform!

"I think the new uniform is both flattering and more stylish than the old. It upholds tradition, while also embracing the new, something that Norland believes in. What I love about the new uniform is that even though it's changed you still recognise us a Norland Nannies." Hana Medwell (Set 37)