Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Make Memories this Summer with #NorlandNannyActivity Ideas

Claire Burgess
Early Years Consultancy Manager
Over my career I have been asked hundreds of times ‘what made you want to be a nanny?’ and my answer has always been simple, I love being around children and making lasting memories with them.  This hasn’t changed and over the years I have seen what a privileged position we nannies have; there are very few professions where you get to influence another person’s life in such a way that you help shape who that person will be in later life. It is amazing what children remember as they grow up and one of the best parts when working so closely with children is seeing precious memories being made and thinking, they’ll remember this for life.  

For me last weekend was a great example of how memories are made with children in the simplest of ways by doing and experiencing things with others.  Research has shown that children learn more effectively through hands on experiences and emotional connections with others rather than being told about something. 
On Saturday, a family who I met through my work with Tamba, came to visit me at my parent’s farm.  The afternoon started with two shy 3 year old twin boys and their 11 year old big brother but quickly developed into a memory making adventure! 

Watching the 3 boys look longingly at the tractor, asking if they could sit in it and then having the opportunity to ride in it was wonderful.  Taking it in turns to have a go and then congratulating each other with a hug when they finished their tractor driving experience highlighted their shared love of the experience, and their smiles just said it all. 

Then it was time to feed the calves and there were 2 very keen little helpers!  From mixing the milk powder to watching the calves drink, there were lots of questions and new learning opportunities.  It was hands on learning in the truest sense of the word!

The afternoon ended with us asking the boys what the best bit was, two answered with “the tractor ride” and the other one “all of it!” – can’t ask for much better than that!  I think I can safely say that lasting shared memories were made on Saturday afternoon and as a Norland Nanny it’s pretty special to have been part of it. 

Everyday Norland Nannies around the world are making memories with children, what memories are you making this summer? Some great activity ideas have been shared by our Norland Nannies via #NorlandNannyActivity on Twitter and Instagram, start memory making with your children/charges today!
 If visiting a working farm, please remember to be conscious of children’s safety at all times, for advice on this click here.