Friday, 17 July 2015

Why do Norland students still wear a uniform?

1930's - 2013
There has been quite a bit of speculation and opinion in the press recently about the Norland uniform worn by Norland Nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo at Princess Charlottes christening; so we thought we would explain where the uniform came from and why our students still wear it. 

Norland was founded in 1892 by Emily Ward, who recognised the need for children to be cared for by trained professionals to give them the best start in life, rather than untutored children’s nurses which was the norm at the time. Emily Ward was the first to introduce Early Years training into the UK and, as such, wanted to distinguish her students from the other household staff as professionals within the family home. Emily designed her training around the teachings of Froebel (the German Educationist and founder of the Kindergarten system), with the ethos that the child should be at the centre of everything. She also decided on the motto of 'Love Never Faileth' for Norland, a radical approach in an era when children were 'seen but not heard'.   

2013 re-design
Over the years the course at Norland has been updated and re-designed in line with the latest developments in best practice standards and Early Years research. Students now study for a degree at Norland but the traditional values and ethos that were the basis of Emily Ward's founding principles are still maintained. The uniform has also been developed alongside these changes, but maintains the traditional look to reflect the training and standards that Norland still expects its students and graduates to uphold. The uniform worn by Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo was the uniform worn by Norland students from the  1930s until 2013 when it was re-designed. 

Today, a consideration of anyone looking to apply to Norland College is the uniform and all that it represents. Students still wear a formal dress, or chinos, shirt, tie and jacket for the male students, whilst in college and a practical uniform of a blue polo shirt and trousers when out on placement. However it is not just a case of putting on the uniform, it is an earned privilege and whilst wearing it students are expected to uphold certain professional standards. 

Yes, the uniform is still in place as a homage to the history of Norland, but also to distinguish our students as professionals within the Early Years industry and to instil a level of professionalism and pride in all they do. Once graduated from Norland, very few will continue to wear the uniform when working with children, however we expect the professionalism the uniform represents to be upheld throughout their career as a Norland Nanny.  

Norland graduates are proud to wear the uniform and most will keep it in their wardrobe for life as a symbol of their training and them being an honoured member of the Norland family. 

How do students feel about wearing a uniform?
We asked them and this is what they said: 

“Receiving my uniform and trying it on was a moment I wont forget, I couldnt believe I was attending Norland College and ever since that day, I have worn it with pride.”
Freya, Set 38  

“I love wearing our uniform. It identifies us as Norland Nannies and is an absolute honour!” Natalie, Set 38

''It's instantly recognisable'' Abby, Set 37 

“When you are wearing it, you really understand the Norland values and traditions and it makes you incredibly proud to be a part of such a traditional and historic establishment” Anna, Set 38 

"I wear the uniform with pride. It is a part of the Norland history and is recognisable worldwide. Being a Norland Nanny is a privilege and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to become a second to none nanny." Arys, Set 37 


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