Friday, 9 January 2015

What makes being a Norland Nanny so special?

To help answer this question we decided to ask our Norlanders (qualified Norland Nannies) what they loved
about their jobs; this is what they said:

"When those pudgy arms go round your neck and a little voice says "I love you."”

“When they start saying phrases you say or singing songs you sing and you realise that you really are making a difference to somebody's life."

"Making life time friendships which have lasted over 35 years and seeing the children you have cared for have their own lovely babies!"

"Creating bonds with the children you look after that last a lifetime. In fact 16 years later, I still meet up with them" 

"So many to chose from! Currently - when you walk into a room and they give you a big gummy smile (I am looking after a 4 month old at the moment). Or when they tell you they love you - it makes you feel very special that you’re such an important adult in their lives"

"Creating special bonds with the children and watching them develop and learn new things"

"Receiving an email from a little boy that I looked after in my first post who is now 39!"

"When they run up to you on a Monday morning with their biggest grin!"

"Teaching them new things and watching them grow. The smiles also!"

"Knowing that everyday I will get a cuddle!"

If you are interested in becoming a Norland Nanny (and having these things to say about your job), find out how on our website

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