Friday, 20 June 2014

Friendships at Norland last a lifetime

Norland is known for its fantastic training and internationally acclaimed nannies, but one thing you might not have realised about Norland is that it is actually a lot like a family!

Students who study at Norland share a passion for working with children, study the same course, live together and socialise together. They spend a lot of time together and get to know everyone in their Set (year group), forming bonds that last throughout their lives. Norlanders support each other throughout their careers, attend each others weddings and even become god parents to each other's children.

Set 136 just leaving Norland Summer 2014

Set 63 reunion at Norland Summer 2014
Technology and social media has made keeping in touch a little easier, but this is not something new to Norlanders. Many of our graduates have kept in touch with one another over the years with round robin letters that circulate throughout the members of the Set with each individual adding their own update before sending the letters on.  

Through Norland Agency, Norland also maintains strong relationships with its alumni and hosts regular events for graduates including a Reunion Day at the college.

This year, Norland's Annual Reunion Day was held on 7 June and was well attended with Sets who trained 30, 40 and 50 years ago returning to reunite with their friends. One of our Norlanders even travelled back from Canada to reunite with her Set, 94, who trained at Norland in 1987 when it was located in Denford Park, Hungerford. 
Set 33 reunion at Norland
Norland friendships often span the globe and withstand long times apart, but the bond formed throughout the unique training with one another, and with Norland, truly lasts forever. Once you train at Norland you really become part of the Norland family.

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