Thursday, 20 December 2012

End of our first term

So it is the end of our first term at Norland College!

It has gone so quickly but we really feel we have settled in well and have made loads of new friends, which is amazing.

A few of the challenges we have faced have included some of the coursework, it is really fascinating but as you would expect can take time to complete. 

 It’s a bit daunting feeling that we have the Norland reputation to uphold but we are so proud to be here and have learnt so much already! While out and about the uniform attracts quite a bit of attention, which takes some getting used to but, people seem genuinely interested to hear about our training.   

One of the things we have really enjoyed this term has been working with the virtual babies which have given us an idea of what it would be like working with a real baby.

We all have our favourite lectures, which range from Child Development to Food and Nutrition and Sewing but everyone agrees that it is the time we get in placements, getting to put what we learn in lectures into practice with children which is what we enjoy most at Norland. It is so rewarding to be having such great practical training; we’re all loving it and looking forward to a new term in a new placement.  

So, its nearly Christmas and we are all looking forward to heading home to get a fix of the things we have missed. This includes, The Chinese Cottage in Didcot, The Boundary House in Abingdon and although Bath is beautiful some of us are missing the ‘greenness of home’.  
Some of us are also looking forward to hearing the familiar accents from home, as well as spending time with friends, siblings, pets and of course mum cooking (particularly spag bol) and the dishwasher!!

We finish this term thinking about and planning who we will live with next year... it feels like it will come along so quickly. 

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