Monday, 29 October 2012

Japanese Students Visit

Thursday 4 October 
Today students studying childcare at Seitoku University in Japan visited the college for a day of cultural exchange and to find out a little bit about childcare training at Norland.  

Before they arrived we were all a little nervous about what to expect - although the second year students had re-assured us it was a fun day.

We set up activities throughout the college that groups of the Japanese students would rotate around. Each activity is something we would do with children – mainly messy activities including shaving foam play, corn flour (or gloop), marble paintings and sand play. The students seemed to really enjoy getting stuck in and hadn’t really done any of the activities before.

All of the students were really enthusiastic and translated our names into Japanese for us and told us what the sounds of our names mean in Japanese.

Part of the visit included a cultural exchange where we performed We’re going on a bear hunt for the Japanese Students – with actions and everything! It was a lot of fun and they really enjoyed it. Here is a video of our performance. 

In return they performed the Japanese version of It’s a Small World; sang a song that they sing when they graduate - which was really good and performed a dance.

The day was really good fun, all the Japanese students were lovely and so enthusiastic about everything we were showing them. They took hundreds of photos and were really sad to leave. 

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